Welcome to Whisky Live Singapore 2015

Welcome to the official website of Whisky Live Singapore 2015, South-East Asia’s premier whisky and spirits event . This event gathers some of the rising stars of the whisky industry as well as some of the world’s most famous distilleries. After the great success of 2014 edition, Whisky Live will now be over a full week-end, and move to a bigger venue, the beautiful Capella Hotel.

The event is dedicated to whisky and spirit tasting , with booths from close to 100 brands, from well-known brands to confidential distilleries, all offering free tasting drams as well as their passion and experience.

Over the tasting experience, expect a pop up bar with some of the best bars in Singapore, food partners, edible garden and many more.

Discerning drinkers will enjoy the advanced experiences: the masterclasses and the Collector Room. The masterclass sessions will be a special time to learn further from the experts of the industry, as well as enjoying selected drams. The Collector Room will gather over 40 of the world’s most sought-after bottles for an unprecedented experience. From closed distilleries to old vintages, single casks and age statements from decades ago, there will be a masterpiece to engage everyone.

Beginner or connoisseur, Whisky Live Singapore is waiting for you!


Collector Room

A wider access to the Collector Room, gathering highly sought-after bottles

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Pop up bar

A line up of some of the best bars in Singapore over the 2 days

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Learn from the best, with experts coming from all over the world

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