Whisky Live Singapore is the key event of the year for discovering hundreds of new products, including lots of world exclusives.

Perched on the 3rd floor of Hotel Andaz with a breath-taking view of Singapore, exhibitors from all around the world will have the opportunity to make direct contact with consumers coming from this fast-growing cocktail market. It is a warm and friendly place where guests are eager to learn more about brand history and taste the products.


The VIP area is the place-to-be for fans of exceptional whiskies and fine spirits. This 250m2 Room overlooking the tasting hall will host hundreds of prestigious new releases, single casks and limited editions, as well as a huge number of independent bottlings.

Collector’s Room

La Maison Du Whisky will offer tastings of a densely packed collection of rare and old whiskies.

It will be set up in a dedicated room and offer very special drams. At this room, visitors will be able to enjoy drams chosen from hundreds of whiskies, including some very rare products from the 60s and 70s.


This space is specially dedicated for cocktail appreciation. Consumers will get to experience the work of some of the best mixologists in the world, whom will offer their creations to the delight of our visitors.

THE Masterclasses Rooms

The masterclasses rooms will see a series of hourly masterclasses throughout the event featuring accomplished whisky/spirit experts, Master Distillers, Directors of distilleries, and so on. They will share their manufacturing secrets and know-how through educational tastings in an exclusive, private setting.

THE Cocktail Masterclass Rooms

A series of cocktail masterclasses will allow guests to learn the history of cocktails and pick up invaluable cocktail-making techniques from renowned drink makers. Guests will also be treated to entertaining bartending demonstrations. These one-hour classes will be open to 15 people per session.


Located at the entrance of Whisky Live in a space spanning more than 200m2, the LMDW store will be a mandatory stop for every visitor.

It will be an opportunity for enthusiasts to purchase the huge selection of over 900 products that are available in the tasting hall.

Whisky Live’s boutique will offer a 10% discount off usual retail prices for all purchases made during the event.

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