The Masterclass rooms will see a series of hourly masterclasses throughout the event featuring accomplished whisky/spirit experts, Master Distillers, Directors of distilleries, and so on. They will share their manufacturing secrets and know-how through educational tastings in an exclusive, private setting.

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12.45 – 13.45 – Nikka Masterclass (Maximum 30 spaces)
14.15 – 15.15 – Bruichladdich & Octomore Masterclass (Maximum 30 spaces)
15.45 – 16.30 – Old Pulteney Masterclass (Maximum 30 spaces)
17.00 – 17.45 – Kavalan Masterclass (Maximum 30 spaces)
18.15 – 19.15 – Amrut Masterclass (Maximum 30 spaces)
15.30 – 16.30 – Glenlivet Masterclass (Maximum 30 spaces)
16.45 – 17.45 – Mastering French Brandies (Maximum 30 spaces)
18.00 – 19.00 – Neisson Masterclass  – A real Carribean Rhum: 85 Years
(12.45pm - 13.45pm) Guest speaker: Emiko Kaji, International Business Development Manager

Nikka Masterclass - Further Potential of Coffey Stills

Following the success of Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt, Nikka is expanding its Coffey range with its signature Coffey Stills. Emiko Kaji, International Business Development Manager, will conduct an in-depth masterclass and tasting session featuring Nikka’s new releases, Coffey Gin & Vodka

(14.15pm - 15.15pm) Guest speaker: Chloe Wood, Bruichladdich Brand Ambassador

Bruichladdich & Octomore Masterclass – The Eight Series

Be the first in Singapore to experience the Octomore 8’s Series, the first-ever full collection by the world’s most heavily peated single malt, presented in Singapore for the very first time by Bruichladdich Brand Ambassador Chloe Wood. A born and bred Ileach (i.e. a person from Islay, Scotland), Chloe is a cornucopia of fascinating tales from the fabled island of peated whiskies, speaking in Singapore for the first time. This will be one session of Octomore firsts that is not to be missed.

(15.45pm - 16.30pm)

Old Pulteney Masterclass - “Come take a journey through the Maritime Malt”

Come share the ultimate experience for Scotch whisky enthusiasts with a special guest appearance from the Brand Ambassador of Old Pulteney Single Malt Whisky. Old Pulteney, the world’s best premium single-malt whisky, which obtained top honors at the World Whiskies Awards 2016 as “Worlds Best Single Malt Whisky” as well as “World Whisky of the Year” in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Awards 2012. This exclusive master class will offer whisky enthusiasts an opportunity to try the world’s best single-malt whisky that is unique and distinctive in both taste and character.

(17.00pm - 17.45pm)

Kavalan Masterclass - ``Beyond your Imagination``

Established in 2005, Kavalan is Taiwan’s first whisky maker and the nation’s only family-owned whisky distillery. While it is now recognised as one of the world's finest distilleries, 10 years ago Taiwan-made whisky was inconceivable. Dreaming big and thinking laterally has enabled Kavalan to single-handedly create one of the world's newest whisky-producing nations. Join the Kavalan Masterclass to taste their multi award-winning whiskies and learn more about this incredible journey.

(6.15pm - 7.15pm)

Amrut Masterclass - ``The Pioneers of Single Malt``

Amrut Single Malt Whisky is a product of many years of research to produce whiskies that match world standards. Whisky manufactured from selected Indian barley grown at the foot of the Himalayas. Whisky matured in unique tropical conditions at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level in Bangalore, the Garden City of India.

(18.00pm - 19.00pm)

Neisson Masterclass: A real Carribean Rhum: 85 Years

Owner and Master Distiller of Neisson Rhum, Gregory Vernant, will attend Whisky Live Singapore for the first time! In this detailed tasting session he will talk through the historical 85 year journey of producing Carribean Rhum.

(15.30pm - 16.30pm)

Glenlivet Masterclass - ``The Senses- The Glenlivet Sensology``

Darren Hosie challenges your senses and preconceptions of Scottish Whisky with The Glenlivet Sensology.

(4.45pm - 5.45pm)

Mastering French Brandies

In this exceptional talk hosted by 3 French Masters discover the history, making and taste of the iconic spirits: Cognac and Calvados.<br /> Expect to try up to 9 expressions and master the intrecacies of the beloved brandies.